Image of Bedroom Eyes - Honeysuckle

Bedroom Eyes - Honeysuckle

$5.00 / Coming Soon

Part of MWR's Triple Threat #1 out of 100 copies

All covers/inserts handmade.

Bedroom Eyes tear an edge into their shoegaze-influenced sound with their instinctual ability to create a push and pull between the delicate and the intense. Dual guitars swirl and pierce through driving drum and bass, and are subtly layered with hushed, heartbreaking vocal melodies.

Their 2012 debut album ‘What Are You Wrong With’ captured the ambition of their early experimentation, and the years since have included a scrapped LP session, a lineup change, and a painstaking reworking of their sound. 2015 finds a more refined and cohesive Bedroom Eyes with their second album, ‘Honeysuckle’